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Doing what is impossible for talent is genius.�

VISILLANCE, Elins Eye-bot for city Surveillance

VISILLANCE, Elins eye-bot, a camera based robotic security system. It makes use of an advanced computer algorithm which detects various unwanted interruptions around roads, streets & offices and simultaneously creates intimation alerts at the concerned departments (like police station in case of theft, ambulance in case of accident, electricity board in case of sparking etc.) so that necessary steps can be taken or help can be provided to the victim on time. It also updates the information on the server to create a central database of interruptions as a record for future verifications & analysis. It is a self-decision taking advanced robotic system. It is also available with self-protection system to avoid any unwanted harm to its body. VISILLANCE is capable of watching, analyzing, listening, speaking and alerting. It can also perform time to time inspections like detect damaged roads, open man holes etc so that required steps can be taken before major accidents.
Applications of VISILLANCE
- Smart city
   - Accidental detection and its intimation to Ambulance & Police station.
   - Robbery/theft detection and its intimation to nearest police station.
   - Fire detection and its intimation to fire brigade.
   - Short circuit spark detection on electricity poles and its intimation to electricity board
   - Heavy vehicle detection (for no entry timing)
   - Unclean area alert to Municipal Corporation
   - Unclean dustbin alert to Municipal Corporation
   - Broken/damaged roads to Municipal Corporation
   - Bullet Fire detection and its intimation to nearest police station
   - Online panel to see live videos
   - In built self-protection system
- Smart Parking
- Smart office Space
- Smart security system for banks

Advantages of Visillance
- Smarter than conventional security systems.
- Conditions based instant decision making.
- Decrease response time of intimation process
- Accurate inspection & alerting system.
- Self-protection.

SOLARINE, Solar Energy based Solutions

In current era, we are using different forms of energy from a running a car to the kitchens of every home. Amongst them the most commonly used form of energy is Electrical energy which is used in every home, every industry in a large scale but the sources of this energy are depleted with very alarming rate so it is required to select an alternate source of energy and one of them available in abundance is the Solar energy.

Our research team is working to find an alternative approach to convert solar energy into a cost effective way of electricity generation. We are soon going to launch SOLARINE, which is a collection of solar energy based solutions to utilize free solar energy to fulfill the need of electricity in domestic and industrial sectors.

Advantages of using solar energy
- Pollution free form of energy.
- Available in abundant amount.
- Renewable energy source.
- Low Maintenance Cost
- Used in remote locations
- Very long lasting

NET-O-BOX, IOT cloud server control : the world via Internet

NET-O-BOX, it is an IOT based telemetry control and monitoring system which can be used to switch home appliances and industrial devices from any place on the globe. It makes use of Internet to receive and send control codes. Control codes are stored and accessed on cloud server. For protection, each user will be provided with login id and password to access his GCP (Graphical Control Panel) at cloud server to control devices. GCP is a user friendly online panel to control NET-O-BOX. It will be provided with two switching method, first using internet and second using simple ON/OFF switch. It means user can switch the device with his smart phone as well as another person can switch it directly from the switches on NET-O-BOX. Since it performs two way communications (means device to server and vice versa), the current status of the device will also be updated on the GCP as the device will be switched. The available status of NET-O-BOX is DEVICE ON, DEVICE OFF & DEVICE OFFLINE. User can add any number of NET-O-BOX in his premises to switch multiple devices; with the addition of every NET-O-BOX in single premises, all such NET-O-BOX will be available on a single GCP. No installation is required for NET-O-BOX, neither in smart phone (no additional application is required to install in your smart phone or laptop, since it is platform independent) nor at your home in hardware (since it is plug & play device). Any number of members can control the same series of NET-O-BOX by sharing same user id & password.

- It can be used to switch Air Conditioner (AC) few minutes before reaching home to get cooler inner environment.
- To switch water pumps at your home/ irrigation field to fill water tank/sparkling water in the field with no requirement of availability of a person       at the switch location.
- To switch light based display hording at your office premises from your home at late night.

NET-O-BOX Documentation & Installation Guide: Click Here